Recording Playback does not trigger Setsuki's C hold

Dummy Recording Playback does not trigger Setsuki’s C hold.

When I record and then play Setsuki’s C follow-ups, everything works but C hold. The throw does not trigger, it’s just remains an empty hop. The dive kick, kunai, and flying fox follow-up all work on the playback, but not the throw. I’ve tried playing back recordings that successfully landed a throw and recordings that would have thrown but were too far from the character, but on playback neither recording will land a throw. Is this intended? Something I’m forgetting about maybe?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Training Mode, record Setsuki’s C, holding C.
  2. Stand short distance away from Setsuki dummy.
  3. Start playback to have Setsuki Starlight tumber towards your character.

Expected Results:
Dummy Setsuki performs Starlight Tumbler and lands a throw on my character.

Actual Results:
Dummy Setsuki performs an empty Starlight Tumbler, landing in front or behind my character.

Only used DeGrey as my character so far.

Game Version:

System Information:

Thanks, I’ve confirmed this bug and will fix it for our next update.

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