Recovery for Geiger ground S incorrect

Title: Recovery for Geiger ground S incorrect

Summary: Ingame states that recovery for Geiger’s ground S is 10. Geiger is able to block moves with 8 frames of startup.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Attempt to punish Geiger S using DeGrey A

Expected Results: The numbers reported ingame match expected behavior.

Actual Results: Discrepancy between numbers and expectations.

Game Version: v0.11310

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This is a known issue. The total recovery for Geiger’s S is 10 frames, but 2 of those frames occur while Gieger is walking. From when Geiger stops walking to recovery is indeed 8 frames. I haven’t tested it, but I believe if you are mashing during geiger’s walk animation, you can start a move during the intermediate 2 frames as well.

Ah I see, I wasn’t aware the opponent could act during the super animation. I was able to get a hit in with DeGrey, but I can’t hit with B from Valerie so it seems to still be off by a frame in that case.

Just confirming, the move with valerie you’re trying to hit with is 9f startup?

Yes that’s correct.