Remapping Accept/Cancel buttons

I see that in the control options that the accept/cancel buttons can be remapped. However, it only seems like it works on keyboard. When I try to remap them on the controller, it is greyed out. Are there plans to allow remapping the accept/cancel buttons on a controller? I ask this because I generally use the Nintendo layout for all of my controllers. With Fantasy Strike releasing for the Switch, I’m assuming accept/cancel will be assigned to A/B, respectively, on the Nintendo controllers for the Switch. Those of us switching between platforms (like me) would probably find it convenient to keep the same key layout.

My secret hack is to deliberately mis-map the buttons, switching A/B (or X/O if you prefer).

Yeah, I do this on Steam for the general layout. But, for some reason Fantasy Strike won’t recognize it. It’ll still think that Nintendo A is Playstation O and Nintendo B is Playstation X. Most (but certainly not all) games will recognize the remapping through Steam in my experience.

If you hold any two controller buttons on the main menu, you can remap the buttons themselves, and I deliberately swap X and O on the PS4 controller equivalent shown


Oh, I completely forgot about that! Good call.