Remember “Show FPS” and “Ping display” settings across launches

I am talking about the following two options:

  • Options > Video > Show FPS
  • Options > Online > Ping display

For now, I always want these options ON. But whenever I quit and relaunch Fantasy Strike (Steam), they reset to their default values OFF. I want the game to remember the values I previously set them to, like the game already does for settings such as whether music is on.

Why I want those settings on

I guess you didn’t implement that already because you thought people would only need those settings temporarily, so let me explain why I want those settings enabled for so long.

I got the game recently, so I am still exploring what graphical settings I should use. Until I am sure that my settings are optimal, I want to Show FPS all the time so I can recognize precisely when it drops. Then I can try to reproduce the drop and lower my graphical settings until the FPS no longer drops below 60. I already used this to confirm that I wasn’t imagining the slowdown caused by Grave’s Yomi counter animation on my machine, which led to me lowering the resolution. Until I have played all matchups on most stages, I want the FPS showing just in case I notice another situation like that I could fix.

As for ping display, I want to get an idea of how good my internet is, and reassure myself that sudden events in gameplay are due to high ping and not me losing focus or a character’s ultra-fast move. This process takes longer than one gaming session.

It looks like these two settings are now remembered across launches :white_check_mark:, like I wanted. Thank you for implementing that, dev team.

However, I would have appreciated a reply that you were working on it or that the suggestion was resolved. I don’t even know if my feedback was useful to you, or if you coincidentally decided to implement that change without ever bothering to read my forum post. When I’m unsure my reports are read, I feel less motivated to report bugs or problems with the game—problems which could be preventing other players from deciding to spend money on the game.