Replay Theater confuses Grave and Quince when filtering

Title: Replay Theater confuses Grave and Quince when filtering

Summary: I can only confirm this bug for Ranked TV, because I don’t know which of my friends would have the right combination of replays for me to check.

When filtering on preferred characters or a specific matchup, specifying that you’d like to see Grave gameplay seems to provide Grave and Quince replays interchangeably. For example, I noticed this bug when looking to study the Grave vs Geiger specifically, and while Grave vs Geiger replays did appear, Quince vs Geiger replays appeared just as often. This continued to occur when I chose Grave vs Setsuki (giving me Quince vs Setsuki replays), but I didn’t see any incorrect replays when I chose two non-Grave characters.

Possibly related: If I filter specifically on the Grave vs Quince matchup, I get a message saying “We’re out of replays, but please check back soon”. I very much doubt that no F+ players have had a Grave vs Quince matchup yet, so I believe this might have to do with the characters being somehow considered equivalent in some part of the code.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Ranked TV (may also work in Friend TV)
  2. Filter on Grave replays or a specific matchup including Grave
  3. Click “Watch Matches” and skip to the next replay at the beginning of each round 1

Expected Results: All replays include Grave, and if a specific matchup was used as the filter, Grave’s opponent should always be that character.

Actual Results: Some of the replays include Quince instead of Grave. If a specific matchup was used as the filter, Quince’s opponent is always the correct opponent that was filtered on.


Game Version: 1.18893

System Information: Observed on both Steam and Switch (though I would guess it’s a server issue)

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Update: Everything I said about Quince is also happening with Onimaru. I don’t know if that became true after I wrote the OP or if I just happened to not run into any Oni replays while testing the bug.

Yeah I was getting Onimaru when I wanted Grave.

But I also noticed that there seems to be no Onimaru matches in the replay theater.

Thanks for the report, I’ll fix this on the server-side soon. (The fix will apply to new replays only though.)