{RESOLVED} Friend Match P2 macros fail [NOT A BUG]

Friend Match P2 macros don’t work

My super is bound to numpad0 and throw on RCtrl, when entered a friend match as a P2 they didn’t work

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have the Super and Throw buttons binded on keyboard
  2. Accept a friend match
  3. Press the buttons

Expected Results:
They come out

Actual Results:
They don’t

Dual button inputs do work. I also haven’t tested it thoroughly, but was quite unfortunate to encounter in tournament

Also the bug that P2 in friend matches has to use mouse to accept character choice was successfully fixed

Garden Of Chaos 23 (not published yet)

Game Version:
1.19748 PC Steam

Further testing:
It’s not actually a bug, it’s a consequence of the new controller handling system.

The problem was the NumPad, which now has to be activated through Num Lock. Previously it wasn’t a requirement. Now it is.

Crisis subverted. If you have the same issue - just turn Num Lock on.