Rook Safe Jump Video

I’m relatively new to labbing stuff in training mode, but I got some kind of itch to try to practice stuff, and then one thing lead to another, and now there’s a 4 minute video about Rook’s neutral A.

Note: This set-up will work on Geiger C, Jaina C, Grave C, and Grave ground Super. However, because Grave’s ground super moves his character backwards, your Splash will not end up on the other side of him if he supers.

Also note: specifically against Geiger, he can always ground Super out of either of these set-ups. However, if you’ve cornered Geiger, he does have to recognize whether you’re doing Splash in front or cross-up. If you cross-up and he ground Supers, he’ll end up walking himself further into the corner. Hopefully it’s hard to see the side the Splash is going to hit on!

UPDATE: because it turns out that bA-C gives you the exact same number of frames of KD, you can get the exact same timing for the safe-jumps off that move as this one. The only difference is that bA-C leaves you much closer to your opponent, so you can only get cross-up Splash with this method of timing.


Additional note: turns out Rook can’t do safe jump cross-up Splash on Grave! :open_mouth: You can do safe jump in front, but not cross-up at all. Crazy!

Additional additional note: this doesn’t work against Lum’s ground Super. You can time it to safe jump the first hit of the super, but if he dispenses any coins, clouds, or mini-lums/rooks, you gotta block after landing and can’t punish him.

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This is number of frames between “when you regain control of your character after knocking down with the move” and “opponent resets to neutral” for Rook’s KD moves.

C throw = 15 F
Air Super (cinematic) = 32 F
Ground Super = 43 F
bA C = 46 F
nA = 46 F
Throw = 55 F
Air Super (air-to-air, no cinematic) = 68 F ~ 70F

Just collecting it here for future exploration.


This is super good stuff! You’re waaaaaaaaaaaaay better at this kind of knowledge (& presenting it) than I am. Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

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The secret to looking slick online is to learn exactly one (1) interesting thing, and then edit the video so it looks like you do it correctly 100% of the time. :smiley: But thank you, I’m very proud of the way the video turned out!

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I’m usually ok with interesting things…

I just have zero video editing skills! :sweat_smile:

But yes, you should be proud, good job!

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