"Searching for match" indicator is not centered

“Searching for match” indicator is not centered.

Look at the attached picture.
It’s not that important, but I think the “searching for match” indicator will look better if placed in the center of the screen. As it is now it covers over the “Friends” label.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue for online match
  2. Select some of the top-right options in the main menu.

Expected Results:
The “searching for match” indicator to be placed in the top center of the screen.

Actual Results:
The “searching for match” indicator is placed a bit to the right of the screen.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10, screen (and game resolution) 2560x1440

On a second thought, if the “searching for match” indicator is in the center, it may cover the head of the character…

Right, it’s intentionally not in the center, because it covers the character and looks bad. It also does not cover up any of the top right stuff most of the time. ONLY when the top right is enlarged on console after pressing triangle (or X on Switch) to navigate to it. In that specific case, the box should move over. That’s what you really meant to report imo.

Correct. And you’re right, it’s good as it is.