Setsuki goes the wrong way when combo'ing Jump C into A

Title:Setsuki goes the wrong way after using jC into jA

Summary:So when I play Setsuki and I am on the left and Rook is on the right and I jump over Rook and use air C to the left and try to follow up with the A divekick, she goes to the right, which is away from Rook, instead of to the left, which is toward Rook, so I cannot combo this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Jump over Rook
  2. Use air C towards Rook to hit him
  3. Try to follow up with air A

Expected Results: Setsuki hits Rook with both moves on the other side

Actual Results: Setsuki only hits Rook with air C and not air A because air A goes to the other side



Game Version: v0.15780

System Information: This is irrelevant to the problem at hand

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The divekick intentionally does not auto-correct in this case. It keeps the direction of her original jump.

Setsuki’s rushdown is very oppressive, and she needs some limits on things, and this is one of those limits she’s always had on purpose since her introduction about 3 years ago.