Setsuki setups+bnb?

any sets players here who are experienced know sets well can explain her bnb setups?

I’ve seen the one with throw - kunai - c but i can’t even get it to work with the crossup mixup that was shown haha


Basic combo I use is jC xx A, A xx S which is air cape into divekick, neutral A on land which cancels into super. Her cape moves quick enough that you can even use this to punish Geiger’s Flash Gear on block. If you don’t have super you can cancel her neutral A into C for the starlight tumbler mixup (throw vs divekick), or cancel into a second A and then cancel into C. If you’re feeling spicy, you can cancel A into B which isn’t ALWAYS wrong now that her teleport can hit on the way in, but is still usually wrong.

After (almost) any knockdown, you can usually jump, toss an earliest possible kunai, and then jump again and cape. You can also jump over them as they’re getting up, cape backwards into them, cape forward, land and combo, but that requires some more specific timing to both get 2 hits out of the capes and land afterwards. The timing on kunai is a little stricter after her C C throw

I tend not to use the Kunai into C setup that often, my understanding is you want to toss kunai slightly late in that case and grab them before the block even happens.

My favorite new trick is C A (starlight tumbler divekick) will now usually combo into nA, and counterhit fA will combo into the aformentioned divekick, so you can do counterhit fA xx C A, A xx S for a 4 damage combo.


thanks! very useful indeed

do you know how to do the kunai to C setup anyway? i literally can’t get it to work lol, maybe im doing it at the wrong height or something

also any tips on how to use her B properly?

uhh, sorry, what does bnb mean?[quote=“jimtheeternal, post:2, topic:450”]
jC xx A, A xx S

plus i get the jumpC, but what is XX?
is there a lingo dictionary somewhere? :frowning2:

“B&B” stands for “bread and butter,” which is to say the actual combos you routinely use in real gameplay (as opposed to showing off, like in combo videos or something)


xx indicates cancel, the difference between waiting for a move to end and pressing the button when recovery is over, or pressing the button while the move is hitting to interrupt the rest of the recovery. Although now that you mention it, I’m not sure if that’s a common notation for cancel.


I’ll add that conversions are also not B&Bs, even thought Fantasy Strike probably has very few.

Oh yeah, as for “xx” to indicate canceling a move into another, has a decent rundown of the notation traditionally used for Street Fighter and its descendants