Setsuki - Wrong Way Divekick after crossup jC (back)

Title: Setsuki - Wrong Way Divekick after crossup jC (back)

Summary: Setsuki will jA the wrong way after a crossup jC (back towards the opponent). Seems to happen more consistently when they block?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Jump over an opponent
  2. jC back into them while still in the air
  3. cancel into jA on block.

Expected Results: jA will kick toward the opponent.

Actual Results: jA kicks away from the opponent.



Game Version: 0.12988

System Information: Win10

As far as I know, that’s intentional behaviour, because you were facing that way when you jumped.
I could be wrong though.

If you c over the opponents head, then kick after the recovery, you will kick at the opponent. This seems to only happen on cancel