Setsuki's C - > C grab can't be Yomi Countered

Title: Setsuki’s C - > C grab can’t be Yomi Countered

Summary: Not sure if this is a bug with the game or an error in the 4 page handout used at PAX South, but it clearly mentions in the handout that Setsuki’s C -> C grab can be Yomi Countered but it can’t in January and February’s builds.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. P1 picks Setsuki, P2 picks Rook (I’ve only tested this on Rook)
  2. P1 performs Setsuki’s C -> C and P2 does nothing
  3. Observe that Setsuki does grab Rook

Expected Results: If the 4 page handout is correct, then I expect Rook (or whoever the opponent is) to Yomi Counter

Actual Results: Setsuki throws every time.

Notes: Again, if the 4 page handout is wrong/outdated and you’re not supposed to be able to Yomi Counter the grab, then feel free to ignore and/or delete this post.


Game Version: January and February’s builds (7845 and 8212)

System Information: Windows 10, playing on 2 Xbox One controllers (one wired one wireless with dongle)

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This is an oversight on the handouts, not a bug. It was changed in the January build:

Setsuki’s special throw with C can no longer be yomi countered. Now you can jump out of it. It still throws opponents in the air, but not opponents who are just taking off. This, along with the change to Midori’s Dragon’s similar move means that the universal rule for yomi counters is now simply “yomi counters work against NORMAL throws (not special throws).”

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Oh wow I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks for clearing that up for me


Sorry you went through the work of creating such a detailed bug report! Thanks!

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