Setsuki's Face

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And I don’t want to sound rude, but I need to ask.
Does anyone think Setsuki’s face is…off? I don’t know if the models are complete, but there’s something about her that just seems fundamentally different from what it seems like she’s supposed to. She seems cold and cool instead of plucky like Sakura.

I don’t know man. Maybe she just needs a rounder face. Or less piercing eyes. I dunno man.

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No opinion on whether the current face model is how she “should” look, but I think her eyes being larger / her eyelids being more open would go a long way toward making her look more youthful.

I particularly like her Codex art.
There isn’t an easily available image of her in Fantasy Strike, but it’s quite different.

It was a big improvement when we finally got the ability to have her eyes NOT be 100% open. It looked so bad with them wide open, that we did a kind of emergency thing in our development process. Facial animation won’t be ready for months, but we couldn’t wait that long to address the scary Setsuki eyes, so we made sure that Setsuki and Valerie could at least close their eyes even if the rest of their facial animation isn’t in place. So instead of her eyes being open a disturbing amount, they are now open only a normal human amount. Very happy that this has already been addressed.

In short, her eyes will not be open more (as we already know what that looks like: a disaster). And her eyes will not be made larger either, as they are already huge. Her model (other than facial animation support) is completely finished.

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oh cool thanks for replying. Also cool to see dev history.
Maybe her eyes should be smaller?(??) Or her mouth? Or a rounder face? I don’t know.
Hopefully facial animations make her feel less foreign. Also hope you didn’t take this as offensive.

I think she looks pretty good already actually, but it’s all a matter of opinion. You could have a different opinion. That said, the lack of facial animation can trigger an unconscious feeling of fakeness, zombiness, uneasiness for pretty much any character. Maybe you’re seeing that. I’d say wait until she can at least move her mouth and cheeks etc slightly.

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I also feel like once characters have more voice lines, make noise when they attack/get hit, scream out something silly when they get KO’d (PROFOUND…SADNESS) they will have a lot more personality and be closer to the characters we know and love from our other games.

I wonder what Valerie’s voice is going to end up like…


throwback to Guy
aww man I kinda miss SF4. Kinda

Are they voice lines and costumes going to reference all the things, like codex (and yomi)?

I think they need highlight on ther eyes.

I’m still caught up on the dimensions. Maybe the face needs to be flatter, or the hair needs to be rounder, or her chin needs to be shorter.
Or she needs to be paler?

I did see an old image of what she used to look like and it’s definitely come a long way.

I’m cross-referencing her previous incarnations, and her hair certainly had a lot more blue - this seems like the least work-intensive change I can think of to bring her closer to her “normal” look. Making the cell-shade lines in her hair thinner would probably also help, but I’m not sure how that’s handled, so it may be a huge hassle.

Her hairs does seem to be piled up too high, but that’s a character model thing, which seems right off the table.

I’ve created another thread about her overall looks in which I describe several ways that I think would improve her, with most of the more important ones not requiring changes to her model.
Sorry for not posting in this thread here first, but I believe it would be valuable to the discussion to have concrete suggestions right there in the OP.

Incidentally, @ArchonShiva and I had some identical ideas, which gives me some confidence.