Setsuki's moves missing from her movelist

Setsuki’s movelist is missing some variations of her moves:

  • air back A, that results in a divekick with a different angle.

  • air back B, that results in a closer kunai.

  • air back C, that results in a different float direction.

EDIT: completely reworked the OP as a few more moves are missing.

Forward A is also a different angle. Same 3 variations exist for Kunai.
Probably worth pointing out you can angle those two if it’s not documented already.

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No wonder my Setsuki sucked, I had no idea!

This afternoon I’m hitting the lab like a mad man.

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Are you sure that foward divekick and forward kunai are a thing?

Because to me they look the same.

Also the move list is missing the direction of her air C as well.

Now that you are asking, I am not sure anymore. :-/

There are two angles for Kunai, and there are either 2 or 3 angles for divekick, not sure. This also counts for Kunai off of Starlight Tumbler

jC back does go backwards?

Yep, you can create ton of space with it.

Fyi, they are not “missing” as in an oversight. The move list is intentionally a loose explanation of basically what the moves are. It isn’t intended to tell you every time you can hold back for forward to slightly change a move. The fewer the words in the in-game move list the better, because we want you to basically get the gist of it immediately.

That’s cool to list details like this interested players here, but the move lists should, if anything, be even shorter rather than longer.

And just to clear up the facts, there are two angles of divekick (not 3) and two angles of kunai (not 3).

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I get the idea, but it is kind of confusing, expecially when some moves are explained in detail like Midori’s njA which can be guided.

You could put a general, very short explaination of each move in the current move list style, but also make the various moves on the list clickable so that a few more details are given out. That way when someone likes how a character feels and wants to go a little deeper, he can.