Setuski B 1st hit cross up

Setuski B 1st hit cross up

When very close the first hit of Setsuki’s ground B crosses up.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick Setsuki
  2. Get close to the opponent
  3. Press B

Expected Results:
Setsuki’s ground B’s first hit doesn’t cross up, the second does.

Actual Results:
Setsuki’s ground B’s first hit crosses up.

After a close bA Setsuki is at perfect distance for this to happen. I don’t think it’s intentional.


Game Version:
v10983 (Steam Early Access)

System Information:
Windows 10 64 bit

That’s very intentional. Not a bug.
It travels a set distance then hits. If you’re close enough, it’s a crossup.

I thought it was unintentional similarly to how Valerie’s C crossed up. Wow, that’s strong.

Are you sure? The way I understood the patch notes, the first is is always supposed to come from the front and the 2nd one is for crossing up.
But maybe it is intentional when used very close?


I understood it the same way.

I don’t think it suggests at all what side it should hit on.
I believe it’s working as intended, that it hits after travelling a certain distance, which could be a crossup from close positions.

So you just belive it’s not a bug, I thought you were a dev.

Anyway, Valerie’s C worked similarly and it got fixed in the last patch.

It’s not a bug.

If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but that would be balance feedback or suggestions, as opposed to a bug report.