Single Controller controlling both players (?)

Title: Single Controller controlling both players.

Summary: My single PS4 controller is apparently controlling both player inputs. When I try to configure buttons (hold square and triangle) it only lets me input for player 1, and does so normally, as it should. However, navigating menus makes it so a single input counts as two, and also makes strange things happen, like both “practice” and “how to play” being selected at the same time. Furthermore, jumping into quickmatch doesn’t let me get past the color select for a character. It’s as if all controller inputs just cease when I get that far. I have to use the KB or mouse to leave that menu. (Not depicted in video or logs iirc.)

Steps to reproduce:
I continue to be useless in this regard. I have no idea what caused this, as everything was working fine yesterday, and nothing changed.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:

USB Devices plugged in -
Keyboard (Razer Blackwidow Chroma)
Mouse (Razer Naga)
Mic (Blue Yeti)
PS4 Controller (DS4Windows not running. Controller just plugged in, that’s all.)
External Hard Drive x2


(Started recording before I launched Fantasy Strike, there’s a bit of black screen at the start.)

Game Version: 0.14172

System Information: Win10 Home

Do you happen to have vJoy installed? I remember that causing controller problems in our game in the past.

Yeah, vJoy is installed.

When you uninstall (or deactivate?) vJoy, does the problem persist? (I predict it won’t, but just checking.)

I don’t know? I didn’t actually touch it at all. Clearing out the cinput controls in the registry fixes this problem for me. Furthermore, it just happens sometimes. Not really sure how to consistently reproduce it.