Some AI opponents do nothing to escape repeated Rook splashes

AI opponents without reversals (and Grave) do nothing to escape repeated Rook splashes
If you repeatedly jump at some AI opponents and use splash attack as Rook, they will just keep blocking until the time runs out, Rook misinputs or they (very rarely) decide to use a reversal.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter a fight against an AI opponent as Rook.
  2. Create a situation where you can get the AI to block a Rook splash.
  3. Keep using his splash.
    Expected Results:
    Every AI opponent attempts an escape.
    Actual Results:
    Some AI opponents keep blocking. Tested against Hard AI, works on Grave (regardless of having a super ready and may very rarely go for a sword, though only if Rook has any downtime frames from my observations), meterless Valerie and meterless Lum, doesn’t work on Setsuki (eventually she tries a normal attack), meterless DeGrey (although he won’t try to anti-air, so it’s an effective strategy regardless) and Geiger (he Flash Gears). Other characters untested.
    Tested in Single Match.
    Game Version: