Something OMAKE idea

I want to talk about something small idea in FSFG.
OMAKE(おまけ) means extra, something of fun, glad, happy.
You can use this thread.


In GAME OVER, I want “Sensei’s Message”.
Sensei is Mr.Sirlin.
Message is “Playing to Win”.
Just “TRY AGAIN !” that is Boring.

先生とは Mr. Sirlin。
ただTRY AGAIN !じゃスッゲツマンネ(しムカつく時もあるし)。
(Playing to Win からの引用、Fanに人気のある名言など10種〜あると良い。

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I kind of like this idea! I’ve been playing ARMS and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and they use loading screens for advice and reminders. Maybe FS could do something like that? It’s a good idea to add “playing to win” advice in the game!

I hope the finished game has some kind of art gallery feature, too, because there is very good art in all of these games.


And on the game over because of arcade victory, a recorded voice message “Thank you for playing my game.”?

SF2 had each character showing a victory quote on the win screen. Very easy to implement, and adds some characterization outside story mode.


Every time you yomi counter, Sirlin says “Yomi is the Japanese word for reading the mind of the opponent.”


I agree with victory quotes being easy to implement and flavorful. The old forum actually had a bunch of good suggestions. Non-Yomi players have repeatedly complained that the character designs are boring/generic. I think giving them some personality ingame can go a long way.

Edit: the old thread:


Besides, each character already has 2 quotes in their Yomi deck.


(I hate this forum software)

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maybe he means the char card quote and the EX char card quote.
But i think that even yomi dialagues could do. Every character already has different winning bantering

Oh yeah, I completely forgot that the Yomi bots chat.

very annoying lines, imo, but very effective :joy: