Spectating incorrect person, even after spectating was stopped

Stuck spectating the wrong person

I attempted to spectate a player (Ptrsdboy) and got an issue connecting to the match (“Could not connect to NerdyBro”).
Then I spectated someone else (FIshdog), the first match show ptrsdboy instead and the gameplay looked weird.

After this I turned off spectating but kept getting pulled into spectated matches and finally got stuck at the ranked mode win screen and used ALT+F4 to leave.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Attempt to spectate
  2. Fail to spectate that match
  3. Try to spectate someone else

Expected Results:
Enter matches that I clicked on spectate last for

Actual Results:
Get pulled into the wrong matches repeatedly

I should be able to produce video of this happening, if desired.

Output log

Game Version:

System Information: