Spotlight Video changes for the final game

it’s great that the spotlight vids are in the game, here are a few spotlight video inconsistencies i’ve spotted that will need to changed for the final release, will update if i see more.

In Rooks video his ground C throw is called Checkmate Buster, while in the final version, it is called Windmill Crusher with his ground Super being called Checkmate Buster instead

In Degrey’s vid his forward A is called a kick, but the animation is an elbow in the current version

the section on Gieger’s time stop in his vid may need to be changed as the move’s range has changed and it might not be able to punish the same moves as described in the old video.


Nice catches!


One more thing that may or may not be important, but DeGrey’s video describes his B>B move as a Pilebunker when the patch notes for last month’s build call that move Tyrant Crusher instead (if Yomi 3rd edition happens would this name change transfer there? I hope so, it’s the most hype name possible for one of the most hype moves to win combat with).


Also does Lum’s ground B panda ball go through projectiles if you time it right? because if so i feel like this should be mentioned in his spotlight, as i had no idea until i saw it just now. (unless you want it to be secret tech, or it’s a bug)

edit: looked again and it might just be that it naturally rolls under some projectiles, like Gieger’s gears, i still feel like that should be mentioned in the vid

We FULLY intend to redo all of the spotlight videos in time for release, so that they’re the most accurate they can be. We haven’t done that yet because the game isn’t in its final graphical state, and gameplay isn’t 100% either (though it’s close!).

But yeah, it would undermine the spirit of the Learn tab existing if it weren’t accurate at launch. We’re trying to be very careful about stuff like this, so rest assured everything will be updated in due time!


Great to hear! Keep up the hard work, can’t wait for the full release! :slight_smile:

Please post things that we need to update in the spotlight videos here though. If all the things we need to change are listed here, it will be less likely we’ll miss something.