Startup for Rook ground S incorrect

Title: Startup for Rook ground S incorrect

Summary: Ingame states that startup for Rook’s ground S is 0+2. An opponent who is up to -4 on recovery is able to jump away.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Attempt to use Rook S to punish blocked Rook B.
  2. Hold jump when Rook S starts and escape successfully.

Expected Results: The numbers reported ingame match expected behavior.

Actual Results: Discrepancy between numbers and expectations.

Game Version: v0.11310


I tried a similar thing using his sA which is +3 on block. That would have been so broke!

Hang on, are you trying to use Rook’s S while the opponent is still in blockstun? It, like other command throws, can’t grab opponents in blockstun, so if they hold up, on the first frame they become throwable they’ll jump, which dodges the throw.

I think he means “punish my opponent (Rook), after blocking their ground B.”