Steam Early Access question~

Is it just going to be the base game to buy? Or will there be like a “Deluxe” which would include the 10 skins from FIG or the one golden skin, additional DLC, buy in early access get some goodies when the game comes out, etc…? Because I would like to “re-buy” what I backed on FIG, but would like to not go over that price.

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On crowdfunding campaigns, it’s normal to sell what doesn’t exist yet. That’s the whole POINT of crowdfunding, really. So us offering features that don’t yet exist such as deluxe skins fit right in on Fig. But on Steam Early Access, it seems a bit weird to sell a base game and also a deluxe option with nothing different at all right now, that might someday have other content. So there will only be the most minimal option available (which has everything in-game that we currently have to offer at a reasonable level of polish), plus the soundtrack as a separate product in Steam.

To contribute more, the best way is really through Patreon.


What about what Rivals of Aether did, by buying during EA, you got Gameboy Color skins for the characters when the game came out of EA?
Also thanks for the response~

I feel like it would be just ASKING for controversy. Maybe you would get away with it, maybe not. Maybe the controversy would be a huge boost to marketing the game. But I’m sure a bored journo could spend 10 minutes making you out to be the devil for clickbait.

Was just curious to see if I could get what I backed on FIG for the same price or if it will now be increased since it’s no longer on FIG. Maybe a little something-something as a thank you for those you supported the game on FIG.

If there’s anyone that deserves a “thank you” type offer it’s Patreon supporters. On Fig the best I really did was try to evangelise a little to other people, I never actually gave anything concrete. But if it’s possible and desireable to give anything to Fig backers it would make more sense to give them “upgrade” packages from early access accounts to deluxe accounts when golden costumes become available. Maybe $30 to get 10 costumes and a gold costume (but not the game) to more or less mirror the value of getting the costumes but not an extra key or “early early” access.


having an incentive to buy during early access instead of waiting for the full game would probably help.
I know there will be a LOT of people who will just wait till the game is done.

So if there was some sort of benefit for being an early bird, that would seriously help.

I’d agree; the best I did backing it on Fig was telling my friends about it and trying the game out so I knew it was for me.

Patrons are literally getting the game made.

I’ll just be glad to be able to buy the game once and be able to play it forever :slight_smile:


Works for me.

I think the idea here, overall, is that the incentive to buy during early access is that you get to play FS online, with friends if you want, effectively a year early.


Aye, just really wanted those 10 skins…

Well, the incentive for Early Access is the $10 off compared to release price, and the ability to play a stable version of the game right now.

The problem, though is that it is hard to really identify that on the shop page. Something like bonus skins definitely would appeal more in a psychological sense, but getting the game for 33% off works well for me.