Steam update macOS: controllers do not work at all!

Since a few weeks I am unable to properly use my Dual Shock 4 controllers with my steam. I can’t use them with Fantasy Strike or another game. I don’t think it has anything to do with Fantasy Strike, as the game works fine, but maybe someone has it too?

I already restarted, reinstalled Steam (including deleting the library), I used Switch controllers but the game just doesn’t respond to any input I give on said devices.
Is this something I should contact Steam / Valve about?

If you’re using a Mac, that’s right, controllers do not work at all on Mac right now. That’s covered in the July update under “known bugs”:

This outrageous problem is because the Unity engine itself introduced this bug (it’s not something in our particular game, any game using that latest Unity version also has the problem). Frankly, I’m shocked that Unity didn’t immediately release an emergency fix the following day or something. That issue can’t be fixed by developers like us, it can only be fixed by Unity. Finally, after about a month, they did fix it. So we will incorporate that fix into our next update, later this month.

On the other hand, if you’re using Windows, Dual Shock 4 controllers should work really well. No drivers are necessary (no need for joy2key, no need for DS4Windows, etc). Just plugging them in should have the operating system recognize the controller, then Fantasy Strike should detect it too if you hold two buttons on the main menu to set it up. If that does not work, I have no idea why not. A common reason for things to go wrong on Windows computers is, ironically, having some sort of virus protection active. Try turning that off and see if it helps. It might be blocking some Steam functionality for no good reason.

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Thank you Sirlin.

I am using a Mac.
Thank you for clearing this issue up. I was about to reinstall macOS but you spared me that.
I usually read newsletters / updates quite well, but apparently I missed this.
Ah well, after a while I can let it go and enjoy Fantasy Strike once more at home. For now I’ll play at a friend’s house. Another friend of us still beats the two of us, allthough he hasn’t installed the game!


Hey, have you heard about the latest patch?! It’s an amazing update AND it FIXES the macOS controller issue. I just read the patch notes and am soo hyped I have let everyone know!

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I can confirm it works again.
It seems also that Steam sees controllers different now. On PC and Mac alike the DH4 controllers are emitting blue light when connected through USB. That wasn’t before.