Stolen Friend Match (All Logs + Reproduction)

Title: Stolen Friend Match (All Logs + Reproduction)

Summary: A friend match in progress can have the opponent replaced by someone in queue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Join queue. (Empty queue is sterile conditions)
  2. Send OPPONENT_1 a match request. Select standard, have both select any characters.
  3. After the game begins, have OPPONENT_2 join queue.

Expected Results: Host fights OPPONENT_1. OPPONENT_2 remains in queue or gets matched against someone else.

Actual Results:
After a while, the game will stutter a bit, and OPPONENT_2 will take control of OPPONENT_1’s character. OPPONENT_2 apparently sees themselves as whoever they picked when they joined queue. Host player sees their inputs as displayed by OPPONENT_1’s character.

Tidazi is Host player.
Nobody is OPPONENT_1.
Denus is OPPONENT_2.

Appears that OPPONENT_1 sees host disconnect from match.


Game Version: 0.14172

System Information: Win10 Home

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Thanks for the detailed report, I’ll have the fix to this in the next update.

It turns out that the game incorrectly stayed in the QM queue after starting a friend match, which caused this bad state. In the meantime, to work around this bug, just make sure to manually cancel your QM queue before starting a friend match.

This will probably also fix the problem described in this other report:

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