[Suggestion] Add Fantasy Strike system requirements to one of those "can I run it?" websites

I.e. the websites that auto-scan your hardware and give you a result, like:

The game is still in pre-alpha, so no optimization has been done. It’s not even at the “let’s find out what it requires” stage yet.

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That might well be, but it seems my iMac cannot even run the game properly at the moment. I get about 30 FPS with V-sync off and Graphic settings to lowest.
I have been trying to improve the FPS by lowering the resolution, but then the game because rather ugly quite fast…

FYI: I have a late 2012 21,5 " iMac. It only has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB GPU…

Ah well, I was planning to eventually play it on the PS4, but as a Patron I do like to be able to actually play the game as it’s intended - at the moment.
Having said that, I do want to emphasize how much fun my friends and I have been having while playing this game offline, so I can always resort to that of course.

I know, right? They made a fighting game that everyone can play. “We made a car for blind people - it drives itself! But we don’t know where the roads are. Figure it out yourself.”

Post ballpark specs at least. Hell, if they said it was closer to SF4 or SF5 in technical prowess, that would still be better than nothing.

It seems to be all over the map, though, which is part of the issue with no optimization. My friend’s computer with nominally better specs runs it substantially worse than mine does.

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