Suggestion: Add feedback that tells you how you could have dealt with a move when you are hit by it

Sometimes when you are thrown, the text “jumpable” appears to let you know you could have gotten out of that throw if you had jumped. This is very helpful because it teaches you how to deal with that move in the future.
So why is this feature only for jumpable throws? Why not have this for every single move in the game? Every time you get hit by something, a message would appear and tell you exactly what you could have done to avoid or counter that attack.

I am new to the fighting game genre and what I struggle with the most is figuring out which moves counter which moves. Sometimes I can predict what my opponent is about to do, but I can’t take advantage of it because I don’t know which moves would work against the thing they are about to do.
Currently, if I lose to an opponent who keeps using the same moves over and over I would have to spend a lot of time searching the internet for how to counter that.
It would be very helpful if instead, each time I got hit, the game just told me up front “you could have done forward A here” or “you could have done air B”.
With that feature, the game would essentially be teaching you how to play while you’re playing it, each time you get hit you would get instant feedback on how you can deal with whatever just hit you, and it would give you the opportunity to immediately apply what you just learned because you are still in the same matchup.
That is a much more efficient way of learning than repeatedly getting hit by the same thing and not knowing how to beat it until you have researched it outside of the game.

The simple answer is: It wouldn’t be possible to implement.

The reason for that is because special throws (which show “Jumpable” to remind you it’s different from a normal throw, that you have to Yomi Counter) have one specific solution.
Most moves in this game don’t have a one size fits all answer or counter. Sometimes there are consistent options, but it’s rare. Most of the time it depends who pushes the button first, and where the characters and attacks are on the screen.
It might be nice if the game told you which moves can punish certain unsafe moves, but that’s not too difficult to just try out yourself.

I understand your frustration of not knowing how to beat certain strategies and improve. My genuine advice is to get a mentor or teacher, but not someone who is super high level. I recommend starting with a mid level teacher, because they’ll be more likely to teach you relevant things to your level.

I’d love to play some sets with you some time and talk about what you’re struggling with! And I’m sure a lot of other people here would too. Ask around here or the Discord and you’ll find a lot of good advice.

Other than that, keep at it! Fighting games are a struggle sometimes, but climbing the mountain feels so damn good.