Suggestion: Taunts

i think a great addition to the game would be character specific taunts. By this i mean that when you press a button (maybe O on a keyboard or r3/Ls on a controller for example) your character does a little gesture or pose to taunt your opponent. Taunting is a big part of the mind games of fighting games and can be used to humiliate your opponent, or show them you aren’t afraid off them, and since Fantasy Strike is all about “reading the mind of your opponent” i think they’d be a great include!

I think the game is supposed to have as few buttons as possible, taunts are probably the last concern.

Besides this is the only fighting game where it’s impossible to tbag, do you really want to ruin that?


@SaSSolino i see your points, personally i felt that it would add to the minds games and be an optional way for players to express themselves, but i can see that things could get messy and i certainly woudn’t be in favor of adding tbaging.

I think right now about the closest you can get is mashing the throw button from a distance, or maybe just deliberately whiffing a super (though that can appear to be a terrible accident too)

Taunt is letting go of your controls from mid-screen and having your opponent walk-up and Yomi counter themselves.


Once in an online match my opponent conceded, I waited for him a bit and then started to finish him.

At some point I decided to go for a throw. I rarely felt more stupid.



Tiny brain: Defeating your opponent with your strongest attacks after they stop playing
Regular brain: Practicing combos on your opponent after they stop playing
Giant brain: Waiting for the timer to count down all the way after they stop playing
Exploding brain: KOing yourself with yomi counters after they stop playing


While I do think this shouldn’t be top priority, it would be fun to taunt and show some disrespect. If you don’t want teabagging, then Sirlin games could just pull a smash bros and have a button correspond to a taunt that’s not as abrasive as teabagging.

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@Valotorian yeah, Smash Bros style taunts were what I was thinking

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I still don’t like it for the same 2 reasons I talked about before. That said, I’m not a fan of taunting in general so I might be biased.

If they do, I hope they at least find something creative and fun like Mortal Kombat babalities, and not just another boring action that doesn’t bring anything to the game besides more development time and some salt here and there.

It’s no big deal if the devs decide to go for it anyway, so I won’t beat my head around it too hard.