Suggestions for making Daily Challenge more appealing

I only occasionally play the Daily Challenge, but when I do I’m always surprised at how highly I rank! I’m not a particularly good player, so suspect it has more to do with the small number of people playing Daily Challenge each day. So I started thinking about ways it could be made more appealing to players. Here’s a few suggestions off the top of my head.

Reward the top ranked player each day
I think this is the most obvious way to attract more players. There could be a prize for the top player (or maybe top three players) each day. Rewards could include:

  • Diamonds to spend in the store. Around 50 for a win? Not lots, but enough that if you win or place a decent number of times you could buy a cosmetic item.
  • A badge or colour for your profile, like the green names for those who bought the VIP package. It could list the number of times you’ve won or something.
  • A cosmetic item for the character you win with, that you get to wear for the next day until the next winner is awarded. Essentially bragging rights. Maybe if you win enough days in a row you get to keep it!

Make the Daily Challenge have a fixed character for that day
That is, on any particular day everyone can only use a specific character. This would work well in tandem with the rewards system, and mean one player can’t dominate the challenge (unless they’re really good with all the characters). There could be a special reward if you manage to win Daily Challenge once with each character within a season.

That’s just a couple of ideas, I’m sure there’s many other ways to make it more enticing. It would be great to see it be a real drawcard, but at the moment it feels like it’s overshadowed by the other modes.

I think giving gems would be against the intent behind them, but the fixed character idea looks very neat.
My take on that would be that the character in the DC would’ve had a costume. If you got a good rank, you’d gain that character token. If you collected 5 character tokens, you could rent a colored costume for a decently limited time.