Super in Boss Rush deals 1 additional damage each round

Title: Super in Boss Rush deals 1 additional damage each round

Summary: Every round starting from the point where the bug is triggered, your super deals an additional point of damage. For example, I was playing as Grave, so my ground super normally does 2 damage. I had the +3 super damage powerup, so it dealt 5 damage instead. However, against my 5th opponent it started dealing 6 damage, despite the powerup I chose having nothing to do with my super. Against opponent 6, it started to deal 7. It continued increasing until I had completed boss rush.

Steps to reproduce:
I actually have no idea, I tried a couple things but couldn’t get it to happen when I thought it would. I know that both times it happened to me, I had the +3 super damage powerup, but in both cases the bug didn’t happen until long after I selected it so I don’t know that it’s relevant. All that being said, I did manage to catch it on video. (The first minute and change is irrelevant, I just didn’t properly trim the video.)

Expected Results: My super’s strength doesn’t increase unless I pick a powerup that increases super strength.

Actual Results: It does do that

Game Version: Steam, v1.17545

System Information: Windows 10, I’m not sure what will be helpful to know but I can certainly report back

Pretty sure this was mentioned somewhere as being what was intended. But maybe it should be more clearly communicated to the player?

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Here it is

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Your super damage always gets +1 on the 4th boss, +2 on the 5th boss etc. It’s on purpose and not a bug.

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