Super move showcase

Edit: Video is done! Input is still welcoem as I might remake it for the graphical updates in the September build.

Original Post:
I’m planning to record/cut a short video showcasing all supers and Yomi-counters this weekend.
Because the cast isn’t exactly huge and most supers aren’t particularly long, I would like to add some combos or gameplay scenes in which the supers are useful instead of just using them on a standing dummy.

However, I’m not very proficient with most of the cast and the characters I do play do not really use their supers in combos. So I’d be happy if you could help me figure out cool stuff to show.


  • The jf.C, land, fj.B -> S combo from the spotlight
  • Can you do anything fancy with the j.S?


  • I feel like I have seen some crazy combos resulting from her j.S. Gotta check some combo showcase videos again
  • Do ground S combos exist?


  • The character I’m most lost at. Please help


  • Use j.S to beat another high priority move? Coolest against other supers but that may be distracting in a showcase video.
  • Ground super to absorb some multi hit move and still come out ahead? Showing armor and the long active frames seems important


  • Can he still punish projectile use with ground S? Hitconfirm a full-screen gear into a melee combo?
  • j.S. Is for pressure, right? Any cool sequences?


  • Ground super is pretty straight forward. Maybe use it against a mix-up or super.
  • Can you combo into his j.S?


  • Ground super can be hit-confirmed. I’ve never played Sets though. What’s her super BnB?
  • For her j.S., I’d like to show that she can combo from a close counter, and use her rushdown while invisible


  • Should I show the full dragon moveset? Probably?
  • I like to just j.S -> j.C
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  • Her ground super can combo after a very high hitting fA. It should also be possible to do jC fA (jC hits) Super. Also you can probably throw a jC before the combo for 1 more hit.

  • Using the air super, I’m sure you can connect at least 2 of the 3 arrows in a combo. It just needs some lab time to figure out.


  • Her air Super is known to have mad combo potential, something like jSuper jB fBBfB (opponent is thrown into the super between fBB and fB) jB fBB.

  • I’m not sure about her ground Super, I haven’t seen it in comboes much. Try jAA AAxxSuper, or jAA AxxSuper if the first one doesn’t work. If none of those work, I wouldn’t know.


  • Her ground Super BnB is jC jA AxxSuper, you can even throw a jB before for 1 more hit.


  • Geiger can still punish projectiles with his ground Super, it’s just tighter.

  • You can actually combo off of his jSuper as well. You can either use it to start a air combo or throw the opponent into it using his C.

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Alright I did some Jaina labbing. Since I wasn’t recording, I’ll make some notes here for the weekend:

  • Jaina ground super works like you’ve described. jC barely works but is a little unreliable. Easy to do in the corner though. STart your fiorst jump at the height of the bot’s jump.
  • The coolest air super combo I found is close-ish j.S -> j.A (first arrow hits) -> C (through two more arrows) for 5 damage.

Can’t you add A before C for 1 extra damage?

In the air combo? I can try. But it’s already very visually satisfying.

In theory you could use Grave’s air super in a cool way, like… Grave throws lightning at DeGrey, DeGrey jumps to dodge and uses air B or something to move in, and Grave catches it with air super


First pass for the video is done and I’ve pasted it into the OP.
I might make an updated one for the September build, so please feel free to suggest improvements.


Right on time.

It’s pretty good overall but it might be a good idea to cut down the Dragon Form bit by a bit — one character’s super comprises about a third of the entire running time, which seems a little unbalanced overall.


Yeah, I feared as much. I kind of want to show the duration, so I feel inclined to at least have it run through one full time, but cut all extra stuff.
Maybe that will turn out too long as well though. I’ll be critical once I see the cut in front of me!