Survival Mode's Too Difficult

I know this is something that has been said before but survival mode is too hard.
I originally bought the Core pack for the trophies and survival mode is preventing me from getting the 100% and I feel as though survival mode is not fun and feels too difficult rather than fun. Now this could be because I am not that good at the game(mid to high silver) and I would just need to improve but I feel as though I am throwing myself on a brick wall until it breaks and let me tell you, I haven’t left a crack.
Some suggestions I have is to just make it easier overall or try to change the trophies. Of course I wouldn’t know how hard or tedious it is to change these, but I have heard many complaints about the Survival mode being too hard from other trophy hunters. I also think that making survival mode easier could get more trophy hunters interested in buying the core pack.
I am not sure how active the devs are for this game and I’m not even sure if anyone will read all of this but I do hope they try to make survival mode friendlier to casual players and Trophy hunters.