Swapping X and O during "Hold 2 Buttons" Controller Config Causes Both X and O to be "Accept"

Swapping X and O during “Hold 2 Buttons” Controller Config Causes Both X and O to be “Accept”

When using the “Hold 2 Buttons” controller config and swapping the buttons for X and O, both buttons will now be considered the “Accept” button in game. Thus, there is no “Cancel” button available on the controller.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hold 2 buttons on the main menu.
  2. Configure the controller normally, but swap the X and O buttons.
  3. Note that both the X and O buttons are now behaving as the “Accept” button.

Expected Results:
The “Accept” and “Cancel” buttons are now swapped.

Actual Results:
Both buttons are registered as “Accept”.



Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10

I think this is similar to a bug I had. I went into training mode and determined that pushing X counted as X and O, and O counted as X.
It happened after I had plugged in an unrecognised controller after launching the game, and tried to set it up.
Closing the game and relaunching with the controller plugged in cleared the bug, and I could set it up as normal.

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Thanks a lot for this bug report, this ends up being the key to more PC controller problems as well. We’ll have the fix in the next update.

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