The Bay Area Fantasy Strike Players Meetup

Just a quick reminder for any Fantasy Strike Fighting Game players in the Bay Area, Make sure you join the The Bay Area Fantasy Strike Players Meetup hosted by Sirlin.

We usually meet up in Emeryville CA to play tests builds of Fantasy Strike, builds that are not available anywhere else including the Patreon. These play tests are also one the best ways to give feedback on the direction on Fantasy Strike Fighting Game.

So if you’re in the Bay Area, or plan to visit the Bay Area sign up to our Meetup to keep up to date about upcoming play tests or other Sirlin Game related events that happen in the Bay Area. The more people that can come and help with the play tests, the better game we can make and the more often we can do play tests. So definitely sign up if you can!


Oh nice! I was wondering if there was any way to find out about these other than word of mouth.

unnggghhhh it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that attendees keep us abreast of any new gameplay developments, like early Lum or Argagarg implementations or what have you

I say this almost entirely because it is impossible for me to attend, as badly as I want to

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This logo is amazing btw.

Wish I were back in the bay more often. I’d be at every one of these!