The game runs worse in fullscreen mode


I don’t know if that’s useful, but here are my specs:
Intel Core i7, nvidia gforce 750M, 8gb ram

I get random framedrops when I play the game in fullscreen mode. They are quite noticeable at times. I run the game lowest, 720p, vsync-on (so normally consistent 60fps). It happens with any character and on any stage, and quite hapazardly. I can be fine for 3 games, and then suddenly I’m stuck at around 35 fps, and this for the whole game. When the game is done, it usually resets to normal framerate.

It happens ONLY in fullscreen. The easiest way I’ve found to reproduce this issue is:
training mode, pick jaina vs jaina, mash divekick. In fullscreen mode, in about 10 seconds, fps start plummeting towards 35 fps. In windowed mode, the game stays at 60fps forever. The resolution stays the same in both modes.

I run the game windowed with borderless gaming perfectly fine.
(Although I have to set my desktop resolution to 720p: it normally is set to 1080p, but windowed FS + borderless gaming in this state will cause FS to change its resolution automatically to 1080p, and trying to set it back to 720p in the menu will only cause FS to change its resolution to 1080p once more. I have no idea if this is normal behavior!)

Thank you.

Somehow fixed with the latest update.

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