The season reset seems to have killed matchmaking

Ever since Season 6 started, I have waited around 10-15 minutes per match. In Season 5, I barely had to wait at all. Why is this happening?

It seems it is caused by the system that only matches players together if they are in the same league (e.g. Masters, Diamond… I’m not sure if they are called leagues or what.) I was confused by this decision when I started playing, and now I’m truly disappointed by it. I fear that the slow matchmaking will drive people away from queue and even the game, making it even harder to find a match. I love this game, and I want to see it active and healthy.

Can someone justify the strict segregation between leagues? In every other online game I’ve played, this isn’t how it works. Instead, there is usually a hidden “matchmaker rating”, similar to the Elo system in Chess. The matchmaker tries to put people together when their MMR is close, regardless of league/rank/etc. Why doesn’t FS do this? If there is a reason, I’m open to it, but I honestly can’t think of any.

FS uses ELO in Casual match, but you’re right Ranked Match is different.

It used to match people out-of-league too in Ranked, but there were a LOT of people complaining about that so it is currently only in-league matches.

To explain why matchmaking might be slow for you after a season reset, you’d need to add your league, your timezone and when you were playing - it might all make sense, or there could possibly be a matchmaking bug affecting you.