The Zerowulf Experience™

A documentary on the man, the meme and the legend of Zerowulf, which a day rage quitted so much that he ended up being talked about on the community’s Discord, Forums and Steam.
While I was living his experience myself, a few people even chatted me about him, one of which even ended this video thanks to the great comedic timing of Zerowulf’s background rage quit.
In the very end, and after around 30 ragequits, he finally let me finish a match. It was a heartwarming moment for me.

Song name: The Jungle Book - I Wanna Be Like You (Sim Gretina Remix)

The second part of the video dropped in quality because I was running out of good clips, and I’m not even close to being a good editor.


You know your community is successful when it has its own Darksyde Phil.

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notice in the corner of the screen 2 bars your laggy so i quit and comparing me to dsp is funny because there is no relation he yells and begs for money i quit laggy matches since your god noes were in the world :wink: so try again please if you wasnt so laggy id sit and play

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Yes, clearly you’re only quitting because of bad connections and not because you’re a sore loser. That’s exactly why you exclusively quit when you’re losing.

because its a waste of time to keep trying play you in lag im not sore id just rather find another match than waste time screen cap all you like dosnt bother me i find it funny and amusing :stuck_out_tongue: maybe ill get another sick video made bout me

My man there’s 3 minutes of footage of you quitting on me with 4 bars in the OP. Just saying.


that was back then my man :wink: the meem has changed sas if we play ill hold them L’s cuz your connection is fine octo’s connection not so much

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