Third enemy in tutorial's S-only part can be defeated by a cloudball

Third enemy in tutorial’s S-only part can be defeated by a cloudball
If you hit the jumping enemy in tutorial’s “defeat enemies with S” part with a cloudball right after he jumps, he gets knocked out.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reach the part in the tutorial where you have to hit enemies with a super move.
  2. Either defeat the first 2 enemies or use Whirlwind-boosted jump to end up behind Midori and face the jumping enemy.
  3. Try to hit the enemy with a cloudball right as he completes the jumpsquat frames, but before he uses jump A.

Expected Results:
The cloudball passes through the enemy, just like it does when you try to hit him while he’s using jump A.
Actual Results:
Enemy gets knocked out by a cloudball.
Defeating the 3rd enemy this way does not stop the player from advancing in the tutorial.
Game Version:

Thanks for the report, I’ll fix that in our next update.