[Tournament] Fantasy Strike International Open 2! 16/12

That’s right! Another Fantasy Strike Open! Come one, come all, test your skills, prove your worth, strike your fantasy!

(Ok so I lied when I said I’d do one in two weeks. But I’m doing one now, ok?)

It will be held on the 16th of December (for Americans/EU, 17th for people with a more Eastern time zone).
1pm PST, 4pm EST, 9pm UTC, 8am AEDT.

Here are the rules:
One day.
Double elimination.
Best 2 out of 3 games (of the best out of 7 rounds).
Standard counterpick (loser of a game may switch characters, winner must stay the same).

I estimate it will take around two hours with 16 players. But hopefully we get more players than that!!

Indicate your interest in this thread, so I have a good guide for numbers, or sign-up at Challonge.
However, the tournament will be run through the official Fantasy Strike Discord channel.
So if you haven’t already, create a Discord account and head on over using this link.
Arrive in the Discord about a half hour before the start time, I’ll take sign ups and generate a bracket, hopefully we can start on time.

Obviously since we’re going to have people from around the world, we’re going to have lag. The netcode is even better than before, but some connections are just awful, and the game still isn’t fully optimised. By signing up you accept that some matches are going to be less than stellar.
It’ll be better than last time, but hey, international connections are never amazing.

Please make sure you have tested friend matches before the tournament, as there are a few known issues with them. If you’re unable to friend match, well, it’s going to be very difficult to play in the tournament!
If you need people to test with, there are heaps of friendly people in the Discord to test with, and also a Steam group and a thread for Steam friends.

@snoc will hopefully stream with me again, since that worked out pretty well last time. We might even experiment with the Steam game viewer.
Some form of stream will happen, I promise that!

Above all, since this is online and not observable, be honest, be fair, have fun. I hope this is a great time for all.
Strike on!

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@snoc will unfortunately be unavailable this weekend (and likely until the New Year). I will hopefully be able to stream again at some point though! Saturdays are a bit vulnerable to social events taking over, sadly, especially at this time of year.

You jerk, you’re ruining my tournament.

(He isn’t really. I’ll still stream. It’ll just be worse quality.)

Is there a challonge link?

Good point!
Here’s a link:

Has enough time passed since EA launch where it is ethical for me to join tournaments? :wink:




Signed up.
Be gentle with me.

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Coming up in 11 hours guys, don’t forget! Be there and play some game!

God help me, I am awake at 4:50 in the morning and considering participating.

Sure. Let’s start this Sunday off right.

Remember to trundle over to the discord guys where the tournament is happening