[Tournament] Fantasy Strike International Open 21/10

Alrighty folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Fantasy Strike’s first online tournament.

It will be held on the 21st of October (for Americans/EU, 22nd for people with a more Eastern time zone).
1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, 8pm UTC, 7am AEDT.

Here are the rules:
One day.
Single elimination.
Best 2 out of 3 games (of the best out of 7 rounds).
Standard counterpick (loser of a game may switch characters, winner must stay the same).

Indicate your interest in this thread, so I have a good guide for numbers.
However, the tournament will be run through the official Fantasy Strike Discord channel.
So if you haven’t already, create a Discord account and head on over using this link.
Arrive in the Discord about a half hour before the start time, I’ll take sign ups and generate a bracket, hopefully we can start on time.

Obviously since we’re going to have people from around the world, we’re going to have lag. The netcode is good, but some connections are just awful, and the game still isn’t fully optimised. By signing up you accept that some matches are going to be less than stellar.
Think of it like a stress test for the code.

Please make sure you have tested friend matches before the tournament, as there are a few known issues with them. If you’re unable to friend match, well, it’s going to be very difficult to play in the tournament!
If you need people to test with, there are heaps of friendly people in the Discord to test with, and also a Steam group and a thread for Steam friends.

I am also looking for someone with a good internet connection, preferably American side of the world, and some streaming experience to help me out, as if I try to stream it might be awful and laggy. So if you’re interested in that, let me know. It would mean not being able to participate in the tournament though.
If I don’t get anyone, I’ll still attempt to stream, but I can’t guarantee any good results.

Above all, since this is online and not observable, be honest, be fair, have fun. I hope this is a great time for all.
Strike on!


I think I have no plans for that weekend, so you can expect to see me there! :slight_smile:
Thanks for organizing!

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I will sign up because I can make 1 pm pdt

I’m from Europe and friend matches don’t always work for me, but I’ll gladly partecipate if I can.

Gonna have to check what 1pm pdt is in my time, but I should be aces for the 21st.

Also, soneone test friend natches with me

planning to attend =D

I might not actually be able to do that
I have tickets to Symphony of the Goddess that day…

I’ll mark it on my calendar

I’m interested. Good luck have fun.

I’ll play.

I’ll check if my internet can handle international matches, if it`s good enough then I’m ready to bring that hype boi.

Okay so friend matches definitely work for me, but it seems lag is abundant for matches with europeans.

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Okay so friend matches definitely work for me, but it seems lag is abundant for matches with europeans americans.

I will likely play.

I’m in for this.

We in there boyos

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Dang, I’d love to participate but I have a thing that day :0 Good luck to everyone! I hope that somehow, everyone wins!

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With DeGrey’s pilebunker in Clock Tower, he has the cosmic power to make that happen!


Just over a week away. Mark the calendars, clear your schedules, get practising your dirtiest set ups…
And don’t forget to test friend matches too!


I’ll be able to test friend matches soon, since I’ve convinced a friend to buy the game, so I’m hopeful I can join.