[Tournament] Fantasy Strike Weekly 2 (US and EU split!)

For next week I’ll be trying out splitting the tournament into EU and US only.

Both’ll be held on the 4th of November.

EU-Only Tournament starts 4pm CET
EU Sign-up page

US-Only Tournament starts 1pm PDT, 4pm EDT
US Sign-up page

Double Elimination
BO3, All finals BO5 (Winners, Losers, Grands)
Standard counterpick (loser may switch characters, winner must stay)

The challonge will have a check-in time 15 minutes before the tournament. If you don’t check in before the game starts you’ll be booted. This is to make sure people don’t sign up and don’t show. Also make sure to be in the discord chat when we start!

If you’re willing to stream others matches (Through screenshare on discord) and commentate, please contact me. Both my commentating skills and microphone are crap so I’ll spare everyone. If no one is willing there will unfortunatelly not be a stream trying to stream as many matches as possible.


This week’s tournament was sweet, looking forward to this one!

I’d suggest putting start times in other time zones… Especially for an eu tournament.

What timezones are missing? Added Eu timezone for the EU one and US timezones for the US one

I’d suggest GMT for the Euro folks too, but you’re right, I missed that CEST is actually a European time zone.

Although, I can only see one timezone for each challonge, and it’s CET for both. Not sure how that works.

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Challonge time is always one timezone, the one you have set on your account. If you don’t have one it defaults to the creators iirc. Most of EU uses CEST, which is why I chose it.

I highly recommend not using a time zone tied to daylight savings (e.g. CEST), especially given that daylight savings has just ended in many places.

Stick with UTC for European/international times as it is consistent outside of local daylight time changes.

If I’m not mistaken, most of Europe is now no longer observing daylight savings as of the Sunday just passed, however most of the US is still in daylight savings until the upcoming Sunday. For US centric tournaments it should be okay to use ET/CT/PT.

I am doing a Yomi tournament finals this weekend, so this weekend I can’t join sadly.