Troq move set brainstorming

Here’s the place for Troq move set brainstorming
I have a lot to say on this one
Obviously Troq is a grappler so he has to have a command grab and his regular grab and Yomi do 2. Either 7 or 8 health.

Back normal is a ground slam like DeGrey, launches upward. Forward normal might be a gief headbutt, but maybe not because it’s short range, and that can be neutral. Maybe his forward is that he steps forward and punches the ground (but doesn’t launch.) EITHER WAY HE’S PUNCHIN THE GROUND

B: up hawk, short armor anti air jump, moves him forward.
C: command grab OR a forward dash like Rook, but shorter and faster (I suppose this would be B and up hawk would be C), and then Air c could be condor dive throw?? The longhorn skewer??

Air B
Air C: regular condor dive if C is the command grab

Super: maybe something with growth potions, armor everything, bigger range
Air super: maybe this will be his Ace. Air command grab dive for 3 damage

Maybe even forward a can be a short shoulder bash forward

Ooh, or: air-to-air command grab for 3 damage? Makes a great complement to having a strong command throw on the ground that can best be escaped by jumping.

Oh gross
Troq top tier again
Maybe if it was diagonal down and if you were right next to him you’d just get grabbed out of the air, but if there was enough space he’d dive under you.

This reminds me; I am sad that Midori doesn’t have Sol’s air super while in Dragon Form :frowning:

I wanted him to have some kind of good Final Dragon Buster command grab super that would end Dragon Form after attempted, haha. But he basically does a super every time he presses C on the ground or air, so my proposal actually nerfs him unless his super somehow did like 4 damage, hahaha.

Anyway to differentiate Troq from T. Hawk more, I think he really should have Giant Growth as his core mechanic. Like his bB is to drink a potion or something and it amplifies him in some fashion.

Ground super I want him to have a real-deal fast command grab super. Rook’s is different because it’s “ranged”, but I want a real Final Atomic Buster sort of thing. Could also have the suggested air grab super so that being near him at all with meter is like dealing with SF4 Zangief with Ultra Combo Double.

What if his potions amplified the damage on all of his stuff? His super does 1, but if you can buff up, it’ll do 2, or 3. Or he has the Sin Kiske calorie meter.


Should Troq have an anti-air grab like Potemkin’s Heat Knuckle? I ask because the other two grapplers don’t have that. One of the few grappler moves that hasn’t been given out yet!

I think Troq’s super should always do at least 2, but I do see where you’re coming from with the 1, 2, 3 damage on growth potion. I could definitely see that as an actual thing, especially making super way worse on wakeup, but way stronger when you have momentum.

Troq’s Growth potion could be like Urien’s v skill where he gets armor, and maybe his hitbox increases. Maybe it’s like Hakan’s oil, and you always want to have it on you and it lasts for a bit, opposed to a single special. Getting hit makes it hard for you to keep drinking, but you do it on knockdowns, and maybe more than one drink. (just remembered Q taunts)

Also what if his anti air was like Ganondorf, where at proximity it’s a grab for 2, but far away it’s a hit for 1? I suppose that’s like Grave’s super. Maybe that’s too good. Tomahawk/Up Hawk does separate him/them from Gief/Rook because of that antiair, so who knows.

I do love me some Heat Knuckle/Atomic Collider, but maybe it’d be too hard if that was his only command grab. Or maybe he’d be really good in other ways, like if he had a condor dive/dive grab. Now my brain is whirring with ideas and I’m excited.

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Oooh Hakan oil! I liked that mechanic, hahah. I think it’s actually interesting to have a grappler character who has to decide between getting meaningful oki on a hard KD or “wasting” the opportunity to drink. If such a mechanic were on a zoner it’s less interesting, but for a grappler? That seems pretty dynamic to me.

So the question then is; does he have two different gauges? Or is Giant Growth the mechanic that fuels the super meter itself instead of some other kind of Size Gauge? I think he could have an S-Groove type thing where he has to charge up his super meter manually, or it could be the separate meter that buffs his other abilities. Maybe he can’t gain super meter at all unless he drinks a potion (+1 for this Yomi Counter; a giant cauldron of Giant Growth drops on the enemy’s head like a cartoon anvil, and he grabs the cauldron and chugs it down. He throws the cauldron away, smiles and gives a thumbs up. Fully powered!).

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I like the idea of an independent gauge or simple on/off state, rather than Giant Growth being his super gauge. Kind of like Grave’s wind gauge, except you need to put yourself into it, and then it does something. His normals get more range, or can combo into something when they usually can’t. Or his specials gain extra properties, like armor or something?

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Yeah I can imagine 2 potion shaped gauges that deplete over time and when you drink it fills one up. If he has a dash, it can go further and/or faster and/or go from no armor/armor to armor/infinite armor/invincible, getting better with more potions.
Same with grabs Reaxhing further / activating / increased invulnerability

Drinking potions needs to be a tad slow, like maybe even slower than Grave sword. But what if he threw his empty bottle behind him, which can on rare occasion hit an enemy crossing up?

Personally I’d like Torq to be a slightly more agile grappler with only 6 hit points.

6 is way too low! Midori has 7, he can’t have less than 7

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Midori has 9 actually, and if Torq ends up having more agility than both him and Rook, I don’t see why he couldn’t have 6 hps.

Midori only has 9 in arcade
he has 7 normally

Really? Why?

Cause he’s the boss.

Damn, I never realized…

His super also charges faster and lasts longer.

If you want to fight the secret boss (who I think is still in the latest build) try winning arcade mode without losing a round.


As someone who didn’t play the card game, but googled the images of the cards, I think that Troq should focus more on headbutts/take-downs/tackles (because you know, he’s sort of a minotaur). Now his supers would be throws.

A: punch
ForwA: Ground Slam
BackA: kick with both legs

B: bull rush. Lunges forward and hits.
C: up hawk. Slow startup, diagonal dragon punch.

Super: Lockhorn skewer. Grab. Throws the opponent to the ground, jumps high (maybe with the wings) and falls down spinning with his horns.
Air Super: Beast unleashed. I dunno.

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I like the idea with the kicks!