Tutorial Bug: Frozen Midori 2nd Sparring Match

Title: Frozen Midori

After defeating Midori in the first round of sparring in the Tutorial, unable to complete tutorial due to Midori not being able to be hit with attacks/throws. Also, he appears to be frozen as well and won’t try to fight back.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Complete Tutorial mode up till the sparring segment.
  2. Beat Midori once.

Expected Results:
The fight continues, you beat Midori a 2nd time.
Actual Results:
Midori can’t be hit/thrown and won’t attack you back. Must quit out of tutorial mode.


Game Version:
System Information:
Windows 10

Confirmed that this is happening. The last thing you do in the tutorial is fight Midori a second time, and that second time isn’t working in the current patch. It will be fixed in the next update.