Tutorial Skip dialogue still refers to "Learn" menu

Title: Tutorial Skip dialogue still refers to “Learn” menu

Summary: When starting a brand new game (or after having deleted your Switch save data because the crashes persisted through the patch), pausing the Tutorial and selecting the option to quit/skip the Tutorial causes dialogue to appear on screen saying you can always select the Tutorial again from the “Learn” menu but that menu has been replaced by the “Watch” menu (though I think “Learn” is a better name for it, even when it comes to watching replays)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load fresh, not-signed in game
  2. Pause game during Tutorial
  3. Select lowest menu option to exit Tutorial

Expected Results: Game should tell you the Tutorial can be found at any time in the “Watch” menu

Actual Results:
Game tells you Tutorial can be found any time in the (deprecated) “Learn” menu


Game Version:
Nintendo Switch Version, most recent patch as of 8/12/2020

That’s been internally fixed for the next update, I believe!