Unfair draw system on last round

Ending a round in a draw on last round can be unfair, here’s an explanation:

P1 has won 3 rounds
P2 has won 0
round 4 ends in a draw, this is what will now happen with the rounds:
P1 still has 3 rounds won
P2 has won 1

This issue most probably occurs because of two mechanics that conflict with each other:

  1. you can’t end a match in a draw
  2. a draw will give both players 1 round won

video evidence:


Yeah, I believe that it was explained in the past in chat or something that winning the match on a draw is the least hype thing possible, so “award the round to whoever is not on game point” is the only way forward if you accept “the match can’t be concluded with a draw.”

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This is intentional and not a bug.

A draw awards a win to both players, unless a player would win the game off it. In that case, that player doesn’t get a win but the other player very intentionally does, to march the game towards conclusion. If a draw happens a second time during a game (very very rare), the second time it gives both players a round win even if it would cause the game to end.