Up to jump doesn't work in Practice during Playback

“Up to Jump” setting is using wrong controller settings during dummy playback in Practice Mode.

I cannot jump during dummy playback in Practice mode when using “up to jump” and jump button unmapped.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. controller settings:
    Up to Jump on.
    Unmap Jump button.
    Remap default jump button to throw (A on Xbox controller)

  2. Enter practice with any characters.

  3. Press left thumbstick twice to record some sequence. Even no input works.

  4. Press right thumbstick to playback.

  5. Notice user (P1) cannot jump.

Expected Results:
During dummy playback, the user still has all their P1 controller config settings.

Actual Results:
Seems like during playback, it is using P2 controller config, at least for the “up to jump” setting.

I later tested and realized that if I enable “up to jump” on P2, then I can jump during playback.


Game Version:
This is latest version on Steam as of 10/17/2020. Not sure where version number is found.

System Information:
I’m on Windows 10 PC and using an Xbox one controller.

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I have the same experience using keyboard controls.

Confirmed that if p1 and p2 have different up-to-jump settings, that can happen. Will be fixed in the next patch.