V6328 Midori Dragon-form duration

Title: Midori’s dragon-form duration is inconsistent

Summary: At least once we saw Midori poof into dragon then immediately, before being able to press any buttons or do any moves, poof back into human.

Steps to reproduce:
I don’t have a proper repro - the situation I saw was “P1 Jaina is knocked down, P2 Midori transforms into a dragon and attempts to mash the slidey-grab move, but instead changes back to a human and the round keeps going”. It happened once - although we did have another time where it seemed like he transformed back to a human during the animation of one of his attacks, which also seemed inconsistent.

Expected Results:

Dragon form lasts long enough to do some moves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actual Results:

It didn’t. :frowning:

Game Version:


System Information:

idk, ask Caphriel.

System information:

  • Intel i7 4770 8x3.4GHz
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

If you need more specific information, just let me know.

Confirmed as a real bug. I’ve seen it many times. Sometimes it ends like halfway too soon. Other times it ends instantly, like right when you become a dragon you revert to human.