V6603 [Arcade] Character select graphical issue on completion

Character select graphical issue

After completing Arcade mode, in the character select screen your played through character is always displayed in the middle even if you click on a new character. See screenshot.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Complete Arcade mode (Jaina in this case)
  2. On character select, click on a different character.

Expected Results:
For the character to be replaced in the middle with what the one you clicked the portrait of.

Actual Results:
Both character models are showing on top of eachother

Game resolution, window mode 1504 x 846


Game Version:

System Information:
AMD fx6300, GTX 980, Win10

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I’ve had the same issue on two different computers and both October builds of the game. Here’s the info for my laptop:

Game version: 6603 (but I first noticed it on the previous version)
Processor: 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
Operating System: Windows 8


  • I’m using the 32 bit version of the game despite having a 64 bit computer because the 64 bit version didn’t load after several minutes. I may try the 64 bit version again sometime, and if it works I’ll let you know if the problem is still there.
  • The other computer I’ve tried the game on, a Mac Mini, had the same issue. Can’t give you more info about it since I’m not at home right now, but apparently it’s not Windows specific.
  • On both computers I’ve tried, I put the graphics quality on the lowest setting because there’s lag if I have it higher (or if I go to Grave’s stage)
  • While the image below shows Setsuki superimposed over Geiger, that’s because I moved my cursor to him – when I first exited Arcade mode, it had Setsuki motionless over Valerie instead (Setsuki was my chosen character in Arcade, and Valerie was my opponent. The latter might be coincidence, but I thought it was worth noting). My guess is that the bit of code that decides which random character to show when booting up the game is activating when exiting Arcade as well, but the model of the character you picked is still there with nothing telling it to animate or swap out if another character is chosen.

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Same feeling as you !

Windows, lowest settings too ! On November build yes !

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Which version is that screenshot from? I’m assuming the November build, but you ought to post the version number in case it matters.