Valerie Kill Combo

So this take a lot of setup admittedly, and not 100% sure if it’d be practical, but if everything falls in your favour just right Valerie can kill then entire cast in a single combo. I made a video to show it being done on Rook, and since he has the most health in the game the rest of the cast would obviously die much earlier in this combo.

Here is the combo for those interested.


Here are a couple which are practical:

Valerie’s JS is very powerful at the moment. Can guarantee 2 damage from chip on some characters after a throw/yomi counter, and can very easily bait stuff out as well for even more dangerous outcomes.


0:04 “It was at this moment Geiger knew: he fucked up.”

Also, the first combo in this video does 9 damage, I’m not sure if it’s still possible though.

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record scratch “Yup, that’s me. You might be wondering how I got myself into this mess. Well…”