Valerie's Knockdown Animation Causes Wrong Positioning

Valerie’s Knockdown Animation Causes Wrong Positioning

When Valerie goes into a knockdown animation, she’ll be slightly off position horizontally. You can see this most clearly in the throw animations, but it works on all knockdown animations. She will, however, still stand up in the correct position. Specifically, she will either slide or teleport in many cases (probably due to lack of frames?). Or, she’ll just be knocked down further than normal (you can see this with Grave’s sweep). I have linked a clip that shows the difference in a couple situations compared to a different character. This knockdown animation position difference seems to only apply to Valerie.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Knock down Valerie (does not matter if it’s a bounce, throw, or normally).

Expected Results:
She ends up knocked down at the same position as all other characters.

Actual Results:
She will be knocked down further than other characters which sometimes ends up with her sliding or teleporting.

CWheezy was the original person who mentioned this animation bug. In the clip that I’ve linked, you can see Valerie’s body is half outside of the view when she doesn’t wall bounce. Jaina (and all other characters) have their body fully inside the view. Also, if you observe when Valerie does wall bounce, she’ll slide a good bit more on the ground.


Game Version:

System Information:
Windows 10 Pro

Confirmed that this is happening for Valerie’s knockdown. It’s a visual bug only and does not affect her actual position for gameplay. Will be fixed in the next update.

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