Variety of questions~

Hey all, saw this game on Fig and became very interested in the way it presented itself, so as for any Crowdfunding project, I have a variety of questions (there’s the title!) before I buy~

1.) I see that Sony has put up a video of Fantasy Strike, does this mean the game will be made without reaching it’s goal on Fig?
1a.) If the game will be made regardless of Fig, what will happen to those who backed it on Fig? By that I mean if I bought the $49 tier, I cannot get it anymore and or have to buy it some other way that may be more expensive?
2.) I’ve noticed Fantasy Strike is on both Fig and Patreon, what’s the reasoning behind it?
3.) Is there any art of the 10 costume mentioned in the $49 tier? I would like to see what I’m buying beforehand.
3a.) Will you be having an “Early Bird” special with any of the tiers? Like a cheaper version of a tier thats limited to X amount of people? (If so, I would like it to be the $49 tier)
4.) Will there be DLC for this game? If so, is it included with any of the tiers?
5.) Will this game be strictly on the PlayStation and PC?

Lesser questions~
Will there be a story?
Will the game have a “normal health bar” mode?
Will the game have any guest characters? Example: Peacock from Skullgirls.

Pretty sure this is a no.

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The reason is because patreon came first but it’s not enough income to fund the game
so then they did a big crowdfund campaign in hopes of being able to support the team for a significant amount of time. Patreon will coexist because there’ no reason to cancel it, and they still need funds regardless, so those who do the patreon model will get their dollar’s worth and get new monthly builds with some experimental stuff

Yomi lore already exists, though like most fighting games, it’s kinda loose.

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that is the early bird tier. I think the 30 tier get’s it about a year earlier than the 20 tier though.

Ideally if the game gets funded, then they will make the next 10 characters from the yomi expansion. Many fan favorites are in that half of the cast and we all like to gush at the idea of what those characters’ movesets would look like

I think as of now that’s the plan though they might be vaguely looking at other consoles. We first have to worry about the game getting funded and even making it onto THOSE platforms though

I do not think so, as far as I understand, it is just there because they have been accepted as a playstation game if it does get the funding they need. Or so I assume at least.

If fig doesn’t go through, you wont be charged, so there is nothing to claim.[quote=“Zenopo, post:1, topic:368”]
3.) Is there any art of the 10 costume mentioned in the $49 tier? I would like to see what I’m buying beforehand.
As far as I know, you only get to see the golden costume that Grave has on the fig page:

They have, but it is on the 100$ tier, see golden grave costume.

If the game is successful enough, there is quite a few other characters to choose from within the Fantasy Strike lore which is featured in Sirlins other games such as Yomi and Codex. But then the game first needs to get funded on fig, and then it needs to be successful after that again. So it will not be in the tiers.

I don’t know, but there could be one. There is lore to support it already from previous board games.[quote=“Zenopo, post:1, topic:368”]
Will the game have a “normal health bar” mode?
Normal health bars are just points too, Fantasy Strike just decides to have fewer points in a healthbar. (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has an average of 950 points in their healthbar)[quote=“Zenopo, post:1, topic:368”]
Will the game have any guest characters? Example: Peacock from Skullgirls.
That would be awesome, I would enjoy either Dive or Kick from Divekick. But as with DLC, it needs to get funding for the first 10 characters first, be released as a game, and then be successful to be able to go so far as to have guest characters. I think it would be exciting to see more “complex” characters be redefined in Fantasy Strike, to their “core” mechanics.


Ahh, well I hope they reach their goal. Odd choice to use Fig if only because it’s pretty obscure compared to Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.
One day there will be a fighting game with a story to it…one day.
A year early? Daaaang, not to shabby. But still doesn’t really address the question of having a limited edition cheaper tier o3o
I have high hopes it will get funded! But are those DLC characters going to be free? If not, what tier are they included in >.>?
Makes sense, here’s to seeing it on the Switch though!

Which I understand, I meant it like a “I want this tier on Fig for this price and don’t wanna find the same tier on another website that will charge more.”.
Well dang and thanks. one costume is better than none =D
The $100 tier is an early bird special of what other tier?
Aye, but will they be paid DLC or free? And then if they are included in any current tiers. If I do spend $100 funding the game, I will be pretty upset if I then have to spend more money on DLC.
Going to check out the bored game then.
Aye, but then there’s other factors like certain attacks dealing certain amounts of damage and what not. I mean I can still get behind this game as it is. It would just be nice to have a mode where it’s health bar is more akin to fighting games.
Well, this game needs to be advertised like there’s no tomorrow then! I only heard of this game because I’m one of the few people who uses Fig. Sad to say that Fig isn’t that well known, so they can’t rely on people randomly searching the site like they can in Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

New question~
Can I upgrade tiers on Fig? Like go from the $20 to the $29 and just add on the $9?

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Yeah fig is kinda obscure still but it’s got the investment option

also blazblue has a very very complicated story that I unfortunately unironically enjoy

Is the investment option the prime reason it is on Fig?

I mean, I do plan on investing, but that only goes through when there is enough money brought in by the backers, right?

Which is awesome, but still not really a good go-to if you want something funded, at least not until it gets more recognition, like how Discord did.
Story is a story!

That is the huge difference between Fig and the other Crowdfunding sites.

I don’t think so? The investing option is still new to me, so I only know for a fact you get charged only if the game is funded through normal backing, haven’t done an investment to know for sure if that goes through regardless or not =/

I think the cheaper early bird option is the lowest pledge tier, where you pay $20 to eventually get a game that will cost about $30.

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But that’s the standard for Crowdfunding =/

I mean, if there were going to be an “early bird” tier then it would have filled up long ago at this point anyway

But then it would still be visible for us to see, just grayed out so you couldn’t pick it, which I cannot find so I’m lead to believe there hasn’t been one.

Right, there wasn’t because they chose not to do one. I’m still trying to figure out why it’s so important for them to have done something like that. They’re doing kind of the opposite, where you can pay a bit more to get the product essentially immediately.

I was just asking if they would do this and hope that they would for the $49 tier because I feel like that would be the normal cost of its released state >.>

I don’t think so. $49 is definitely waay higher than most people would pay for the game at launch. I suspect around $20.

For the base price, yeah $49 is to high, but the Deluxe edition (which is the $49 tier) comes with; the base game, early access and 10 alt costumes. The base price of the game at release will be $30 and judging from the price on the tiers between “Early Access” and “Deluxe” being $20 and the only difference between the tiers is the skins, the overall price outside of crowdfunding would be about $50, $1 off from the Deluxe tier on Fig which doesn’t seem worth while since (to me at least) you’re suppose to get a really good deal for helping products out with crowdfunding. Which is why I was asking if they were going to make a limited “Early Bird special” tier for the Deluxe tier for, let’s say a random number, $39.

No, the difference between the $29 and $49 tiers is the point when you gain access to the game. Note that $49 tier is called “Early Early Access” - two earlies.

So you’re paying for more than just costumes; you’re paying for the privilege of playing the game as soon as you possibly can after the campaign ends.

The “full game” will not be $50. I am certain.

Whoops, didn’t see the extra Early…that’s a little, odd >.> like making you pay more for an Earlier early access, which is a first for me and doesn’t seem to pleasant =/

The question then would be; Whats the difference between Early and Early x2 access? 1 month, week, year? And compare that to Early access vs. non-early access. So if Early vs. non-Early is a year and Early vs. Early early is 6 months, that doesn’t seem that worth while, like it didn’t need to be included just for an additional fee.

I said the base game WITH the costumes would be $50. The full game and nothing else will be $30.

I don’t know why you’re asking me these questions when it literally states the answers on the Fig.

"Basic: Estimated delivery: Q3 2018"
"Early Access: Estimated delivery: Q1 2018"
“Early Early Access: Estimated delivery: Q3 2017”

The point of it being that if you’re so excited that you want to play right away, while it’s still unfinished, you pay a little extra to show your hype, help the campaign, and play sooner. If you don’t care as much, you pay less, you get the game later.
It’s more about how much you want to support the game, and you get a reward for supporting it more.

Ok, I thought you were implying full game includes skins.
I don’t think that game+skins will be $50.

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